Excerpt from: The 30 Day Arthritis Cure
By: Dr. Len Sands
Pages: 44 and 45

A warning about counterfeit CMO!
CMO has been so effective that there are even several
counterfeit versions being produced by unscrupulous criminals
preying upon unsuspecting arthritis victims and health product
dealers. Their labels may even claim to be the original or
authentic product, but they are not CMO. One of the following
chapters describes most of these counterfeit products and
explains how to verify your product source.
CMO - Modern Miracle Against Arthritis

A Federal Court in California has sent a clear message that it
recognizes the authenticity of CMO and will not tolerate the
infringement of counterfeiters upon the authentic product.
The United States District Court in Orange, California awarded a
half million dollars in damages in a judgment against Advanced
Labs of Redding, California as a result of a suit filed against
them alleging trademark infringement, false advertising, and
unfair competition, claiming that those practices resulted in
consumer confusion and loss of sales of authentic CMO

The CMO mark has been used since November 1995 to clearly
and specifically identify the proprietary cerasomal-cis-9-
cetylmyristoleate product. CMO is a natural immunomodulator
used by people suffering from such ailments as arthritis, Crohnís
disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, emphysema,
migraine headaches, prostate inflammation, and several other
ailments with autoimmune involvement.

Still, those phony products keep cropping up. Remember, itís
buyer beware. If you have any doubts and want to verify a CMO
product, youíre welcome to visit www.realcmo.com for
confirmation of its authenticity.